EVERY PRODUCT IS A masterpiece


The Askemo family began its journey in 2005 as an ACs production and distribution company, then it joined the solar water heaters market, also as a manufacturer and distributor. Our company’s name was Top Cool at that time. 3 years later, we upheld our current name, Askemo. After many challenging years in which we kept marching onward with full determination, we succeeded in expanding and becoming an all smart home appliances company.
Askemo was the pioneer in inverter motor technology. We were the first company to present the inverter motor in Jordan, which was a huge success, due to its ability to save a huge amount of energy, which was paramount for the Jordanian people to better manage their energy expenses. 

We are ACs specialists. Askemo produces and distributes the best ACs in the Middle East region, with the highest European standards.

Our ACs deliver the best air conditioning with ultra energy efficiency, class (A+++). Making our ACs the most energy efficient in the Middle East region.

Our success is based on science, experience and constant research & development, which makes Askemo an epicenter for all home appliances seekers.


We in Askemo strive to provide superior technological state-of-the-art home appliances and superior service to support a luxurious and prosperous community life for our customers to earn their trust and satisfaction.

We strive to become a regional brand, to reach all our potential customers around the Middle East through our high quality products. Also, through our professional service level, staff and management.
We ensure complete customer satisfaction by offering a great after sale service by keeping in touch with our customers to make sure that they are still fully satisfied with our products and service level.
As a smart home appliances company we keep up to date technologically by depending on non-stop research & development, to stay on top as the best home appliances company in the Middle East region.






Deliver the best quality products and service with passion for our customers satisfaction. Creating a strong bond with our customers to win their everlasting loyalty.
As a family, Askemo believes that family comes first. All our products support a healthy life, for a healthy family. Also, all of our products are equipped with safety measurements such as child lock, to ensure the safety of our youngsters and overheating sensors.
Moreover, the materials we use are anti-bacterial growth resistant, such as stainless steel 316 and the list goes on.
Dignity and clarity are the basis of our company. As to clarity, we provide our customers with full disclosure of our company, products and prices without holding back any information. Moreover, our customers are provided with advice and guidance to choose the most suitable products for them. As for dignity, our customers are treated with the utmost respect through buying a product, until receiving it, all the way to installing it, also not forgetting the after sale service.


Constant research and development, commitment, empowering our staff and agents are the keys for our success.
Our customer’s opinion is most valued to our company.
Customer’s feedback keeps us on the lead.
We are committed to provide a positive environment of caring and respect to our staff by appreciating the contributions and the skills of each member, to create a collaborative atmosphere, leading to a higher quality and more productivity.
Our professionally trained staff is the backbone of our success. Whether it was the sales department, maintenance and installment team, customer care department, marketing department or management, all of us work together as one with the sole purpose of delivering our customers the best level of service.