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DFrost 6 Drawers Freezer

ASKD-171-60DR د.ا 240.00

DFrost 7 Drawers Freezer 225L

ASKD-225-VF د.ا 290.00

Dfrost Chest Freezer 200L

ASKD-200-HF د.ا 210.00

Dfrost Chest Freezer 316L

ASKD-316-HF د.ا 280.00

Mini Bar Refrigerator 84L

ASKD-93-MINI د.ا 110.00

NoFrost 7 Drawers Freezer 262L

ASKN-272-VF د.ا 400.00

Refrigerator Down Freezer 337L Black S.S

SRD-489CBEA د.ا 390.00

Refrigerator S.B.S 518L Black S.S

SBS-545WPA د.ا 560.00

Refrigerator S.B.S 518L S.S with W.D

ASKNW-SBS-521-RFS د.ا 590.00

Refrigerator S.B.S 521L Glass Door

ASKN-SBS-521-RFG د.ا 580.00

Refrigerator S.B.S 521L S.S

ASKN-SBS-521-RFS د.ا 560.00

Refrigerator up Freezer 313L Black S.S

SRD-420WT د.ا 340.00

Refrigerator up Freezer 333L

ASKN-333-RFU د.ا 340.00

Refrigerator up Freezer 406L Black S.S

SRD-495WTVP د.ا 400.00

Refrigerator up Freezer 420L

ASKN-420-RFU د.ا 375.00

Refrigerator up Freezer 479L

ASKN-479-RFU د.ا 425.00

Refrigerator up Freezer 527L

ASK-538-RFU د.ا 475.00
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