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Air Conditioner (A++)/(A+++)/(A++)
Gold fins for both indoor & outdoor units
Double coil outdoor unit with full capacities
4m copper pipes with 5m cable
Auto restart
Operation temperature -15⁰C/55⁰C
Cooling Energy saving class is (A++)
Warming Energy saving class is (A+++)
Heating Energy saving class is (A++)
Air conditioning modes: sleep mode / turbo mode / 3 speed indoor fan / silent mode
High quality remote controller
Includes expansion valve
Highest cooling & heating
Fast cooling & heating
Variable speeds (inverter)
Protection valve cover in outdoor unit
Multi Filters
Digital hidden display
ECO function
3 colors available: Gold / Silver / White
Full DC Inverter
High CFM Air Volume
The most advanced technology for the year 2020

Leading Technology


High-ambient cooling

Tropical Compressor: The advanced tropical compressor is designed to deliver reliable and comfortable cooling air, even under extreme conditions such as a sandstorms, continuous operation, and temperature as high as 60°C.

A high efficiency motor with wide operating voltage

High rugged material able to withstand high pressures

More Energy-Efficient


3 DC inverter, high efficiency and Energy-efficient: By combining the high-efficiency DC inverter compressor and  indoor/outdoor DC motor with the full DC control system, we here in Askemo comprehensively enhance the air conditioning performance and ensure a real-time adjustment to the motor speed and the refrigerant flow according to the changing environment, making the A/C run in maximum energy-saving with maximum cooling/heating efficiency.

Indoor DC motor: The DC motor driven by the permanent magnetic field ensures energy efficiency and achieves ultra-quiet operation.

Outdoor DC motor: The high-efficiency outdoor motor ensures better energy efficiency and reliable operation of the unit.

DC inverter compressor: Reliable operation, strong power, high efficiency and Energy-efficient.

ECO Mode: In ECO mode, the air-conditioner refrigerates in low frequency to realize low electricity consumption. the wall-mounted air conditioner saves 30% of electricity, while the cabinet-type air conditioner saves 20%.

Easier assembly and optimized process, which ensures simpler installation and maintenance, saving your time.

We provide more positions for fixing the middle frame to ensure better anti-falling performance and prevent damage caused by accidental fall during handling.

The integrated design of the base and the middle frame ensures more reasonable and accurate structure as well as simpler and easier disassembly and assembly.

The integrated installation of blades ensures high efficiency

The two-sided water outlet design ensures flexible and convenient operation during installation.

The wall panel and the body are inclined at an angle of 30°, which is convenient for pipe connection during installation.

With the new structure, the electrical box assembly can be removed by opening the middle frame.

The integrated structural design by combining the air-out body and the base makes the assembly simpler and faster, and fundamentally eliminates the problem of water leakage.

A firmer wall mounting plate ensures a more stable installation, and the hollow designed base can improve the heat exchange performance of the evaporator.

The air deflector and the motor shaft are connected by a plastic rotating shaft to prevent the user form touching the shaft (the hidden danger of electric shock), which ensures better safety.

The electrical box is equipped with an emergency switch, which prevents the finger from contacting directly with the emergency switch, thus ensuring a safer operation/installation.

The motor cover is fixed by only one screw, which simplifies assembling and disassembling it.

The motor can be easily removed by being pulled out from the side.

Sleep mode: The air conditioner will automatically increase its temperature (in cooling mode) or decrease it (in heating mode) from 2-5°C in the first 2-3 hours, then it remains unchanged, which is more suitable for the human body sleep temperature curve and avoid under-cooling or overheating at night.

Fast cooling: The air conditioner runs at a high frequency to achieve 30-second fast cooling.

Operation: With ultra-wide range of operating temperatures, the air conditioner can operate normally in extreme weather conditions (limited to some products).

Precise temperature measurement: The room temperature sensor is mounted to the right side of the device, making the side temperature more even, thus achieving more accurate temperature detection.

precise temperature control: Adjusting the frequency of the compressor power supply enables more precise temperature control as well as providing a greater comfort.

Larger wind flow and longer distance of air supply: CHIGO has designed the hydrodynamic air duct structure of the air conditioner in conjunction with China Academy of Engineering Physics. The CFD numerical simulation technology is used to optimize the design of the air conditioning duct system. The air flow is increased by over 20%  and the air supply distance is increased from 15 meters to 18 meters.

More powerful refrigeration: After continuous research and development, CHIGO engineers have come with a breakthrough. They have improved the refrigeration speed of the air conditioner by optimizing the design of the wind wheel, air duct and improving the overall efficiency of the evaporator, condenser and compressor. It can increase its performance by 9% at maximum under rated conditions and standard voltage.

Lower noise ,The low-noise designed air supply system adopts large-diameter cross-flow fans to achieve low noise air conditioning by optimizing the fan tongue distance between fan and the water pan and optimizing the design of the fan blade at the air outlet.

DC Motor: Compared with AC motors, DC motors have a wider range of speed regulations, Energy-efficiency and lower noise.

Better fitting: The large and small pipe orifices reserved at the pipe outlet are optional to ensure a better fitting between pipe outlet and connecting pipes, preventing foreign matters from entering.

Porcelain white panel: Achieve high gloss, simple & stylish design with white porcelain high-gloss surface treatment technology.

More beautiful: One-piece middle frame, avoids color inconsistency between the middle frame and the base, achieving a more harmonized color for the air conditioner.

Anti-Rust Technology: The outdoor unit adopts a 6-layer anti-rust coating technology, which keeps it bright and new even being exposed to Sun and rain.

Soft light LED display: The display is smartly hidden inside the panel. If it’s not used for 30 seconds, it automatically dims and its brightness is reduced by 70%.

Heat Pump Function > Double Coil: Double coil heating pump system is a better choice than the traditional electrical heating system. It can provide more heating capacity, more efficient and the air circulates faster throughout the room. This heating system guarantees much more comfort and saving.

Outdoor Units:

Unit Specs:

Golden Fins: Golden Fins are resistant to corrosion, rust, more efficient in heat exchange, have long operational period and high resistance to temperatures from -30°C to 60°C degrees without any effects.

Effectively prevents bacteria breeding and improves heat transfer efficiency. The unique anti-corrosive golden coating on the condenser can withstand the salty air rain and other corrosive elements.

Auto Defrosting: Prevents evaporator from freezing and maintains dehumidifying effect in low temperature environments.

Compressor Heat Belt: A heat belt is fitted on the compressor of the outdoor unit to prevent accumulated water defrosting, which improves heat transfer efficiency.

Grade Outdoor Fan Speed: Due to the DC fan motor, outdoor fan speed increased from 2 grades to 8 grades, which is more energy-saving

Indoor Units:

Unit Specs:

High Density Filter: Compared to an ordinary dust filter, the anti-dust effect of this high density filter can increase more than 50%, it can clean dust and pollen up to 80%.

Grade Indoor Fan Speed: Up to 12-grade indoor fan speed, ensures more accurate control bringing more comfortable air-flow.

Anti-Cold Air Function: Indoor fan speed is regulated automatically from the lowest grade to the setting grade according to the evaporator temperature when the unit is just about to start the heating operation. this function can prevent cold air-blowing out to avoid discomfort to the users.

Floor-standing Air Conditioner:


Fast Cooling: Maximizing the output cooling capacity, which allows the room to cool down quickly and achieving 30-second fast cooling.

Self-diagnosis: The AC automatically monitors any potential fault and displays the fault code on the indoor unit screen.

Internal Threaded Copper Tube: The high quality internal threaded brass can increase the surface area of the inner wall of copper, significantly improving thermal conductivity (20%-30% higher than the thermal conductivity of the light pipe).

More Environment-Friendly:

R32, R290 environmental future refrigerants: The internationally recognized environmental refrigerants will be adopted to meet international environmental safety and energy efficiency standards.

Compared with R410a refrigerant:

The R32 reduces global warming potential rate significantly by 66%

The R290 reduces global warming potential rate significantly by 99.99%

Energy efficiency is increased from 2-9%

Energy-efficient: The ozone depletion (ODP) is zero, which will not cause damage to the earth’s ozone layer.








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