NoFrost 7 Drawers Freezer 262L


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Total capacity: 262L
Dimensions (HxWxD cm): 185x60x63
Energy-efficiency class: (A+)
Total NoFrost technology
Electronic temperature control
Equipped with lock and key
External LED Display
Sky power interior LED lamp
Easy slide drawers
DC centrifugal fan
Super freeze function
Reversible door-left/right
ECO Function
Easy to use
Inverter Motor
Freezes down to -18⁰C
Foam density 45kg/mᶾ (High Isolation)
The most advanced technology for the year 2020
Stainless Steel Body
5-year warranty for the compressor and 2-year for the rest of the device.



Stainless Steel Body for durability, easy cleaning and germ resistance.

Energy-efficiency class (A+): An (A+) model uses 20% less energy than the (A) rated models.

Total NoFrost technology: Total NoFrost technology prevents ice build-up by constantly circulating air inside the freezer and the refrigerator, eliminating the need for manual defrosting.

Electronic temperature control: Electronic controls allow for Independent temperature control of the fresh food and freezer, which result in less severe temperature fluctuations.

Lock and key: Children safety lock and key.

Stylish LED display

Sky power interior LED lamp: LEDs emit less heat than the traditional lights, which keeps the interior of a freezer cooler and consequently lessens the strain on it, resulting in lower internal heat and energy consumption.

Easy slide drawers: The drawers are built on rolling hinges, and pulls out so you can efficiently organize and easily access your food items and readily see just what you have stored in the back.

Direct current centrifugal fan: Centrifugal fans use the kinetic energy of the impellers to increase the volume of the air stream, which in turn moves against the resistance caused by ducts, dampers and other components. Centrifugal fans displace air radially, changing the direction (typically by 90°) of the airflow.

Super freeze function: The super freeze function accelerates the freezing of fresh food.

Reversible doors: The reversible doors can be opened form either the right side or the left side, so you can put your freezer in a place, without having a problem in opening and closing them.

ECO Function

“Inverter Compressor: Compared to a regular compressor, an inverter compressor has several benefits:


1- Energy Efficient: As opposed to a regular compressor, the inverter compressor runs more consistently and at controlled speeds, which means it uses significantly less energy.


2- Durability: Compressors experience the most wear and tear during the startup period. Inverter compressors startup slowly, thereby reducing a chance of failure.


3- Freshness: The inverter compressor doesn’t stop completely, only slows down, the temperature in the refrigerator is more constant, which keeps your food fresh.


4- Quiet operation: Even though its constant operation, an inverter compressor produces less noise than the regular one.


All things considered, buying a freezer with an inverter compressor, like the Askemo freezer, that also comes with the NoFrost function and a water dispenser, can turn out to be a more cost effective and life simplifying choice.”

Foam density 45kg/mᶾ (High Isolation): Rigid polyurethane insulating foam makes a major contribution to sustainability and eco-design by reducing the energy required to keep refrigerators and freezers cold.

Freezes down to -18⁰C: The extreme cold simply retards the growth of microorganisms and slows down the chemical changes that affect quality of food or cause it to spoil.

Easy to use

Total capacity: 262L

Dimensions (HxWxD cm): 185x60x63

The most advanced technology for the year 2020

5-year warranty for the compressor and 2-year for the rest of the device.


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