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Made in Italy
Full stainless steel finish.
SABAF 4 Gas Burners.
SABAF 1 triple crown burner.
One hand electric ignition.
Flame failure safety devices.
Cast iron pan supports.
Electric multifunction oven with 9 cooking programs.
Oven volume: 95L.
Electric grill.
Shut-off timer.
Tempered triple glazed oven door.
Internal removable glass.
Telescopic shelves support (two levels).
2 Wire Shelves.
1 enamel tray.
Energy-efficiency class: (A).
Adjustable metal feet.
Heat circulation fan.
Cooling fan.



Made in Italy: If Made in Italy has become an authentic global brand, it is due to two factors: superior product quality and unique elegant design. Even in the simpler lines, Italian style is always distinctive, combining craftsmanship and creativity to create attractive but at the same time practical designs.


Stainless steel finish: the oven is made of a polished stainless steel for a higher resistance to corrosion. Moreover, it’s durable, easy to clean and germ resistant.

SABAF burners: The 4 side burners and the triple crown burner are made by the number ovens manufacturing company in the world SABAF. They generate an intense heat to cook much faster and maximizing the flavor and texture of your food.

One hand electric ignition: The automatic one hand electronic ignition eliminates the need to light the burners using matches or a gas lighter. It also saves money by using less gas than a pilot light found in older ovens designs.

Flame failure device: Your flame failure device is a key safety feature for your cooker. It is responsible for stopping the flow of gas to the burner of your oven If the flame has been extinguished for any reason. This will prevent the build-up of harmful gas inside your cooker and kitchen.

Cast-iron pan supports: The benefits of cast iron is that it is extremely durable and a little wider than the hardened enamel pan supports and therefore gives your pots and pans more stability whilst cooking. Also, it reduces cooking smells and flavour transfer between the dishes in the oven, making it possible to cook a variety of dishes in the same oven at the same time, unlike other range ovens.


The oven is fully electric.

First grade Italian burners: The burners are Italian design and made by the highest grade raw materials. The burners deliver a very high level of performance with an excellent flame distribution.

A multifunction oven that has multiple heating elements and methods, allowing you to cook your food in several ways:


Multiple heating ranges: This oven multiple heating ranges can be controlled independently. This means you could choose to just have heat coming from the bottom or the top.


Choice of conventional heating or circulation fan heating: You also have the option of using either conventional heating or circulation fan heating for more even cooking.


Cooling fan: A cooling fan helps to bring the temperature within the oven’s cavity down fast in a very efficient way. This incredibly low cost method is the safest way to return the cavity to its normal siting temperature.


Drying fan: Drying the oven by introducing fresh dry air to the chamber and expelling the warm moist air simultaneously allowing to rapidly dry the oven.


9 cooking programs: This oven also has additional functions such as an electric grill, D-Frost function and a rapid start setting.

Turnspit: Spit roasting – A Healthier Food Choice!

The meats that are spit roasted are scrumptious, and it’s one of the healthiest food choices. The purpose of spit roasting is that the meat gets cooked from its own juices for flavours. There won’t be any need for oil or butter.

Shut-off timer to end the cooking process when the timer is up. If you turn the oven on, and leave the kitchen, and forget to return within the programmed time limit set by the shut-off timer, the unit will automatically turn the oven off.

Tempered triple-glazed oven door: The benefits of a triple glazed oven door are: It retains more heat inside the oven producing a better cook, more energy efficient and leaves the outer facing door panel cooler, protecting anyone that touches the door.

Internal removable glass for easy cleaning.

Telescopic shelf supports (two levels): The fully telescopic runners allow the easy removal of baking trays, roasting racks and gourmet casserole dishes from the cooking compartment and are held securely in any position. This allows you, for example, to baste or turn a roast conveniently outside the hot oven without the risk of getting burned.

2 wire shelves and 1 enamel tray included

Energy-efficiency class (A): The Askemo oven is quiet efficient when it comes to energy consumption. Thus, lowering energy bills.

Adjustable metal feet to make sure that the oven is leveled with the ground perfectly.

Cooling fan: A cooling fan helps to bring the temperature within the oven’s cavity down fast in a very efficient way. This incredibly low cost method is the safest way to return the cavity to its normal siting temperature.

Internal light: The Internal light bulb is designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

Oven volume: 95L

Adjustable feet: Feet that may be adjusted to reduce shock, vibration or tilting.

Oven double lighting: To have a full view of the food inside the oven.

Heats from top, botom or top and bottom at the same time.

The most advanced technology for the year 2020

1-year warranty, except in the case of burning or breakage


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